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InTown Band: Lyrics

Rest of the Way

© 2010 Allen, Vinton & Godfrey
I was walkin’ alone, I was all by myself.
I was fine on my own, didn’t need no one else.
Put my walkin’ boots on, I could go my own way.
I could do what I want at the end of the day.
I could sing, I could laugh, I could do as I pleased.
I could run, I could dance or get down on my knees.
I took a path I hadn’t seen before.
I couldn’t pass, I couldn’t ignore.
I got lost and walked half the night.
I took a left turn when I shoulda went right.
I stopped to drop my heavy load,
Then I saw you waiting for me in the road.

I was surprised to see you standing there.
We’ve come to this place from different ways.
A lifetime of moving has brought us here,
Over a highway of yesterdays.
The road goes so far, we can’t see the end,
But the journey is the destination.
So let’s start moving, with you as my friend,
Each step is a celebration.
Come on and walk with me, walk with me,
Walk with me.…
Come on and walk with me…the rest of the way.

We started to walk, I was happy and free.
I looked over at you, you were smiling at me.
You told me your name, your eyes seemed to shine.
You held out your hand, I took it in mine.
Our souls seemed to fit like hand in glove.
Before we took another step I was already in love.

I was surprised…

I’ve never been the lucky one.
Worked hard for everything I’ve won.
But now you’re walking next to me.
It’s time to write our own history.
‘Cause now my luck is turning.
I can feel my own fire burning.
Like attracts like, don’t matter how.
Luck attracts luck, there’s no stopping us now.

We’ve been walkin’ along, we’ve been takin’ it slow.
Ten miles behind, ten thousand to go.
Now is the time to pick up the pace.
We’re groovin’ now, we’re gonna win this race.
We can kiss the sun, we can touch the sky.
Our feet have grown wings, now it’s time to fly.

I was surprised…