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InTown Band: Lyrics


© 2002 Thomas Vinton
I drink my water throughout the day
It keeps me cool; it keeps my headaches away
Without my water I’d dry up and blow away
I just don’t see how I could live that way

Water falls and water flows
Water comes, but it also goes
Can you imagine if it all were gone?
I guess we wouldn’t be here for long
Waterworks and water breaks
Watermelons by the lakes
I love my water

I drink my water throughout the day
Next to air, there’s nothing better, I’d say
Sometimes I’ll try another drink to quench my thirst
But if you ask me, my water comes first

Water falls...

Oil and grease from leaky cars and kitchen sinks
Heavy metals… like mercury… copper and zinc
Pesticides and fertilizers and
Cigarettes and packages and newspapers and flyers
Coliform bacteria from cows’ and pigs’ manure
I’ve got to stop this stuff from getting
Inside my water!

I’ve got a whole lot of reasons why
I don’t want to mess with my water supply
‘Cause what goes down the river you see
Comes up out of my faucet when I get thirsty

Water falls…