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InTown Band: Lyrics

Be It Now

© 2010 Thomas Vinton
We don’t need a Twenty-Twelve to begin a New Age
We don’t need a second coming to come together
We don’t need a transformation to come into being
We already are who we are so let’s be it now

So let’s be it now….

Little Ronny’s restless so we go and give him a chill pill
Donna’s down in the dumps so we deal her a dopamine
When the carrot don’t work we carry around a big stick
But neither one’s cuttin’ it so let’s just be what we wanna see

So let’s be it now….

Yinyanging, chair banging
Drum circling, rebirthing
Aura cleaning, primal screaming
Sun gazing, mad raving
Art date, meditate
Journal writing, alien sighting
Chakra tuning, still moving
Soul freeing, just being

Let’s be it now…