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InTown Band: Lyrics

I Am A

© 2010 Thomas Vinton
I am the honeycomb to the bees flying’ ‘round.
I am the ringing of a bell’s sweet sound.
Sugar tastes salty compared to me.
One sip of my soda and I’ll set you free.

I am a sweet, fun-loving, giving man…

Ride me like a roller coaster up to the sky.
‘Better throw your arms up ‘cause you’re gonna fly.
Don’t get self-conscious if I take you out.
‘Cause you never know when I might just shout out loud…

I am a sweet fun-loving, giving man…

I’ll give you a diamond, Baby, that’s not all.
I’ll give you lovin’ every time you call.
I’ll give you everything you need to be free.
Best of all, I will give you me.

But just like Jeckle, I show my Hyde to the world.
I set you up, and I put you in a twirl-irl-irl.
I cause you situations, get you all messed up,
And I tell you lies that are all dressed up.
I cry like a baby when there’s no one around.
You smile at me, and my eyes hit the ground.
I’ve got a problem with you, and so I go and tell your friend.
And I try to pretend that I don’t know what I know.

That I'm a sweet fun-loving, giving man…